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Bench concrete molds &  Baluster, Birdbaths, Garden mold and more...

Concrete Molds

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With over a 10 years of experience, helping businesses to grow. Our Concrete molds are High Quality and manufactured especially for concrete pre-casting. They are a heavy duty molds manufactured for concrete producers or DIY.

Tips for baluster & bench:
After the introduction of the release agent, the concrete mass is poured in and a 8 mm concrete iron is placed in the fresh concrete in both halves.

Important! When filling the DIY molds you have to avoid the air bubbles, place it on a board and hit it with the hammer several times during filling, or remove the air with a vibrating table.
The drying time until removal of the concrete from the mold should be at least 24-36 hours and then they should continue to dry.
After 24-36 hours: Turn the DIY mold over and tap on an object from all sides with the edge of the mold (must not tilt).

The molds can immediately be felt with concrete again as described,
With silicone or construction adhesive, both sides are glued together.

Please note that we take no responsibility for the statics.
Please consult an architect or structural engineer!