Victorian style Bench Concrete Molds, Full set ( 1xTop+1xLeg mold). DIY (2)

Stock Status: In Stock
Stock Status: In Stock

Full size garden Bench top+leg molds!!! ( 2pcs ) please see photo!

DIY - easy to use!

Large Sizes:

Bench top size: approx 90cmx40cmx4cm

Bench leg size: approx 40cmx30cmx12cm

Color may vary: white.

Design: victorian 

Material: plastic


Our Concrete molds are High Quality and manufactured especially for concrete pre-casting. They are a heavy duty molds manufactured for concrete producers. We do send out basic pouring instructions with our orders. All of our molds can be used with concrete, cement, plaster ….

This mold is very easy to use and you will be able to make lots of great finished products!

-Re-usable - each mould can be reused many times. You can reuse the molds up to 100 times or more! Made from 2mm plastic.

High Quality- Made in the EU!!! All our items are dispatched direct from our warehouse!

Our concrete molds is high quality items. You can use the molds to make concrete or plaster products around your home and garden ( they can increase the value of your home ) or you can sell the finished products to make profits.